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a journey towards yourself as a man or as a woman

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inner polarity

A MAW Retreat t is a moving hypnotic experience to explore your masculine & feminine energies. Embody your inner polarities and unique design and movements. It is the opportunity to explore and dive into the less known territories of your own depths.


In this retreat you will work with your inner polarities. You will rediscover yourself through ancestral medicines and new ways of being. By that, we will help you discover, (re)define, strengthen and challenge your masculine and feminine energies. In order to feel the unity.


For the masculine to thrive, there needs to be a healing feminine puissance. She holds it all.


In order for the feminine to expand, there needs to be a healthy masculine power. To provide a direction and presence. The ultimate support.


This is what you’ll experience during our MAW retreat: a safe and healthy space to explore and polarize your masculine and feminine energies; within yourselves and with one another in order to embrace them fully and live your life with harmony and exponential growth.

Inner Polarity in MotionTo Reconcile the worlds within…Transformational Retreats for Men and Women of the 21st century

trust yourself...

Discover the unsuspected resources of your body
Feel differently, develop your intuition
Go beyond your illusions and develop your self-confidence
Find the balance between your masculine and feminine energies
Use a more powerful communication with yourself and others
Master everyday challenges with more ease
Free yourself by working on your deepest fears
Meet extraordinary people walking on the same path

In present times, knowing is no longer enough, we already know too much. On the contrary we must experience, apply and become who we thrive to be. These retreats have been built that way.

Jump into the unknown to face your fears and shadows, connect to the invisible, feel and reclaim your power, your strengths and weaknesses in a safe environment.
Are you brave enough to open yourself to your inner power ?
Will you have the courage to embark on a journey that will lead you to embrace your masculinity and feminity in a healthier and stronger way, far from society's stereotypes ?

Practical information

Two extra-ordinary locations
Only 16 spots available*


MAW South America (Colombia) 2024
from February 7th until February 11th 2024

MAW Europe (Ibiza) 2024
from May 8th until May 12th 2024

  • Individual or double rooms with full accommodation / 4 nights - 5 days
  • Delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner included (fresh and local ingredients)
  • Intensive retreat  (activities included from 8am to 9pm)
  • Mind & Body work lead by two experts in their field: Anela Lebic & Vincent Hürner
  • Each participant gets also 1:1 time for more personalised work and feedback
  • Work with local shamans included for the ones that want to explore ancestral medicines
  • Facilitated in English and/or French, depending on each group


*Couples, friends or solo are welcome

For more details, DM us @maw_retreats

THE SWISS ALPS (MEIRINGEN)Immerge yourself in the beauty of timeless Swiss sceneries.

The retreat takes place in a resourceful family hotel lost somewhere between glaciers, mountains and peaceful lakes. The place itself is an invitation for self-exploration.

This is Anela and Vincent’s favorite place to hold retreats as it is a perfect blend of nature’s rawness with modern life’s comfort. The opportunity to reconnect to yourself blends into a perfect dance with the beauty and peace of Swiss nature, and its majestic views.

CHICHÉN ITZÁ (MEXICO)Feel the power of this sacred ceremonial site steps from Mayaland.

The energy of our Mayan ancestors in one of their most sacred sites.

Mayaland hotel, the first in the world to be located inside an archaeological site that has fascinated locals and visitors for almost a century, is located 100 meters from the Chichén Itzá pyramid. National Geographic and Condé Nast Traveler have included it on their list of the world's top hotels.

To create profoundly transformative, immersive retreats, Mayaland respects its position among the jungle and historical sites by embracing the wisdom and vision of the Mayan people.

MAW is our masterpiece that will make you experience the essence of your new reality

Are you ready for a mystical and transformative experience ?
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"For me this journey went far beyond the discovery of my feminine Puissance. It is the discovery of oneself. It is also the reunion of very different humans who aspire to harmony. Vincent and Anela provide us with a framework that allows us to be ourselves without feeling judged, criticized and we all dove into the unknown with ease. I recommend this course, to all women who want to start listening, understand and honour themselves. Thanks again to Anela and Vincent.”

— Laure, participant 2022

Personal power is rare. It is the gatekeeper of your freedom; it is the frequency you embody when you freely choose your path. When you unleash your personal power, you set yourself free with the ability to

When in power, you express aligned actions with consciousness, in the moment. When you walk with your personal power, you no longer react to the world around you. Rather, you create your own reality.

A transformational journey...

It is intentional to not disclose much information about the program. What better way to dive into the unknown than to join us on a healing journey on which you know little about ?


What you can know for sure : there will be work with the feminine and masculine archetypes. We will help you develop your sensitivity, explore your breath and (re)discover your body through movements. We will lead you to explore your physicality through play and connection with one another. We will work with ancestral medicines. There will be some induced trances using hypnosis, meditations and shamanic work.


For sure, we will lead you through an unforgettable journey, beyond space and time. It is our passion to create the most transformative and life changing experience.


This is our masterpiece, the essence of both our worlds merged into a journey you have never experienced before.

only the brave ones...

Only the faithful and brave hearts will jump into the unknown to face their fears and shadows because that is exactly what polarity work does.


You will connect to the invisible, feel and reclaim your power, your strengths and weaknesses !


“You are never as strong than when you are open, vulnerable.”


Anela Lebic

Visionary & Feminine Leadership

Since 2012, I’ve been on the path of growing my personal power and freedom. On the way, I mastered the masculine energy within… until the day I burned out.That cracked me open… and allowed me to connect to my Feminine Puissance in 2018. Even though my ego was triggered at first, I am proud to say that this happened thanks to a man, my love Vincent.


My spiritual journey began in a holisitic and grounded dimension.Since then, I’ve been mentoring hundreds of women so they can connect and balance their Feminine Puissance and Masculine Power within. Through the embodiment of that polarity within they create limitless human and financial expansion.My work is more than a passion, I turned it into art : Human Interior Design.


My holistic approach unleashes your personal power, and offers you the space you need to turn your shadow into new potentials. I hold a safe space for you to challenge your mind and emotional being in the most loving and aligned way.


Together with Vincent have already helped thousands of individuals across the world to overcome their limitations and boundaries by helping them to look inward and embrace a whole new level of reality.

Vincent Hürner

Embodied & Conscious Living
My journey into martial arts and body work started with adolescence. On this path, after quite some time and thanks to my dive into Russian martial arts, I realized that true power comes from relaxation...and softness.

This quest led me to embrace a somehow more feminine puissance that truly helped me in my therapeutic practice so far. I was convinced of that puissance so many women I meet are cruelly cut off from.

I have spent years supporting men, but mostly women, in that way until I realized that something was obviously missing in the picture.

Thanks to my love Anela, I realized that for the feminine energy to thrive and grow it needs to be connected to a strong and healthy masculine energy.

Together we dove into the exploration of our inner polarities. As individuals and as a couple.

And most surprisingly, I discovered the freeing potential of the masculine power, far from the stereotypes of our society.

Both cannot grow without one another.

This is the journey I'm embarking on. A quest for balance of the masculine and feminine forces within each of us to unleash their respective power!

As a somatic coach and hypnotherapist, my expertise has always been to support my clients to deal with their stress, overcome traumas and prepare for difficult and conflicting situations.

I will continue to do so with all my heart to support them to leave their status of victim and help them regain their inner power, heal and grow.


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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not particularly athletic, can I still participate 

Yes, of course, this is not a bootcamp at all. This is a reconnection to your body in order to find your sensations, sensitivities and potentialities back. It is a journey towards your inner puissance and as you will experience it soon enough “puissance” has nothing to do with physical strength.
You can also participate in this retreat with a physical weakness or pain. In the latter, please let us know about it so we can see together what is possible.

Can I come to the retreat even if I'm currently not in a relationship?

Of course! This is not a retreat solely about couple relationship. It is above all a retreat for men and women, as individuals and in connection with the world. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. It defines the reality you create. Together we will explore how to be in a relationship with your own masculine and feminine polarities. Finding this balance within can be done alone or as a couple. And if you want to come with your partner this will be a great growing and connecting experience for the two of you, towards a more conscious, loving and expansive relationship. Either way, this will the most incredible opportunity for personal growth.

I’m not sure to be ready for this experience… How do I know 

This is completely normal and this is one of the traps of our mind. We would recommand you to feel, connect to your intuition, to know if this experience is your next bold and ligned move. More often than not, our mind prevents us to move forward in life because of doubts, fears, logic, etc... One of the objectives of this retreat is to learn to act aligned to your desires, more than your fears. Our mind is a great tool, when we can use it and we are not enslaved by it. We will use the way of the body to bypass our analytical mind, its analysis, judgments and hesitations. This is one of the reasons why we do not say too much about the program so the mind doesn’t have much to chew on. Trust yourself, listen to your intuition and if you’d like to talk about, contact us.

I see we will be working with ancestral Mexican medicine, is it mandatory?

Nothing will be mandatory in this retreat. Everything will be a proposition for you to experience your polarities and find your puissance and power back. In Mexico, we will work with some medicines and in Switzerland we will work with others according to the different legislation. The whole process is meant to allow you to integrate the work we will do and transition it to your life. We strongly believe that the use of so-called medicines is not as powerful as when there is a preparatory and integrative work with it. There will definitely be a before and an after with these retreats wherever they are.